The motivation behind creating the magazine was that the sheer number of gigs and club nights that take place in London every month makes it very difficult for anyone to keep on top of what’s happening.

Compared to Glasgow, the UK’s second biggest music centre and my nearest city prior to moving South, there are four or five times as many music events in London every month and no single source that is attempting to cover all of them. As a music fan with pretty broad tastes, this seemed like an obvious gap in the market that would be worth trying to fill.

Initially, the plan was to create a print magazine that would be distributed to London’s music shops, venues and student unions. This would have required significant and immediate take up of high value advertising in the magazine in order to cover the print and distribution costs. Unfortunately, and perhaps predictably, this didn’t emerge.

Instead, we’ve decided to issue the magazine online in order to demonstrate that there is an audience for the magazine. If you’d like to see the back pages emerge in living, breathing newsprint then please do use the magazine, click the buy tickets links and tell all your friends about it.

By using the magazine, not only will you be helping to establish a resource for you and your fellow music lovers, you’ll also be helping the more esoteric and innovative acts and venues to find audiences for their events. The end result should be a healthier grassroots music scene for everyone.