Melt-Banana interview from the online only May issue

Ahead of Melt-Banana’s headlining performance at the Raw Power Festival on the 28th of May, the back pages took the opportunity to catch up with Yako, the band’s singer, and Agata, the guitarist.

Raw Power will be the Japanese duo’s sole UK show this year and comes immediately after an extensive, and at the time of writing on-going, tour of the USA alongside The Melvins and Napalm
Death.  For people who have yet to witness the free wheeling, high velocity sonic assault of the band’s live approach, tickets for Raw Power should be high on their shopping lists.

One element amongst many in the band’s unique sound is the use of ultra-fast grindcore style blast beat drumming. The influence of their Brummie touring partners is something that Agata acknowledges.

He said, “It was before Melt-Banana when I listened to Napalm Death for the first time, I was still in school. My friend played it for me and I remember the moment.

“I was really impressed and after that I recorded a song setting my drum machine speed as fast as possible and played it for my friends. My friends just laughed when I played it but since then, I started think about tempo more than before.”

Melt-Banana’s early touring with grindcore bands like New Jersey’s Discordance Axis also rubbed off on them to the point where they co-opted that band’s drummer for a four year stint as a touring musician.

In addition to the extreme speed of their songs, Yako’s high pitched, anarchic singing style also sets Melt-Banana apart from their peers. A multi-coloured riot of ideas flies past as you listen to the band’s albums, something that meshes neatly with Agata’s unconventional, rapid fire guitar work.