Melt Yourself Down interview

Words by Bryan Duncan THE TRICKY thing about arts journalism is to interpret something without falling into a pit of clichéd nonsense. “What do you think?” replies Pete Wareham, saxophonist and bandleader of Melt Yourself Down, when asked by The Back Pages the meaning behind the ominous, Illuminati style cover which dons their records. Given

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A family affair

William (left) and Jim Reid, the core members of The Jesus & Mary Chain In the mid-eighties a number of bands were exploring how distortion could be used to augment rock music. Among these, The Jesus & Mary Chain hit upon the unique approach of marrying waves of harsh electric noise to bubblegum

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Champagne Holocaust

  There is a pleasing energy to the music that Fat White Family make. Frontman, Lias Saoudi, writes wilfully offensive lyrics that the band back up with feverish, psychedelic garage country punk. The end result somehow manages to sound sweaty; like an audio translation of someone going through cold turkey or experiencing the symptoms of

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Swede little mystery

The members of Goat have carefully protected their identities since the band emerged onto the scene with the release of the “Goatman” single in 2012.  As a result, it is a matter of some journalistic pride that it is the back pages that is finally able to reveal the identity of one of the masterminds

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Top banana

Melt-Banana interview from the online only May issue Ahead of Melt-Banana's headlining performance at the Raw Power Festival on the 28th of May, the back pages took the opportunity to catch up with Yako, the band's singer, and Agata, the guitarist. Raw Power will be the Japanese duo's sole UK show this year and comes immediately

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The return of Damo Suzuki

As interest in late 1960s and early 1970s psychedelic rock soars to an all time high, London's cognoscenti will be clearing space in their diaries for October's visit from one of the period's most iconic figures. While lead singer of Can, Damo Suzuki unveiled a unique singing approach where he stripped back his lyrics to

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